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National Glass and Hardware was founded by two partners, Sean Edwards and Mike Camosy who came from diverse backgrounds to combined their previously successful skill sets to create a new and different type of Glazing Contractor that is more technology and people oriented than existing Contractors.  Emphasizing a team atmosphere coupled with a strong business strategy has helped to propel NGH into high demand for our services.  Our customers understand that working with NGH is like having additional insurance on the job; they, know NGH will come in on time, on budget and reduce their issues making the GC or owner’s job much easier. We believe in true partnerships with a win-win attitude.

NGH Core Values: 

Integrity – We do what is right even when no one is watching. 

Excellence – We are constantly redefining our goals, expectations, boundaries and potential. 

Employee Development – We strive to create an atmosphere that inspires and enables people to reach their full potential. 

Spiritual Growth – We provide the opportunity for all to know God and make Him known. 

Authenticity – We will live life being true to who we truly are as a company and who each team member is as a unique individual within our company. 

Serving – We use our talents and treasures to make a difference in those who need it most inside and outside our organization. 

NGH currently has two locations: Marion, Indiana (previously Marion Glass & Aluminum) and Anderson, Indiana (previously Moss Glass).  Both locations operate within a 50-mile radius of each shop location.  Out of each location, we cover three industries: Commercial Construction; Commercial Service; Residential.  All future locations added to the NGH family will include all three industries as well as Stained glass from our Anderson Location. 

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