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Protect your Employees and Customers

During these challenging times, where protecting our workforce has become one of our biggest concerns in order to maintain our most basic needs for our entire national populous, that of continuing to make available food; prescriptions; medical care and basic services, unique solutions are popping up around our country.  National Glass & Hardware is interested in helping to facilitate some of these critical solutions.

It is no secret that our nation continues to struggle with providing the basic personal protection equipment (PPE) to our front-line health care workers let alone our basic citizens.  Because of this, unique ideas such as the manufacturing and installation of sneeze guards positioned at check-out counters, Medical facilities, Senior Housing, and other locations that must continue working with citizens around our country will reduce the burden on our National PPE stockpiles.

Therefore, National Glass & Hardware has reached out to our vendors and re-aligned our manufacturing and service capabilities to produce these protective barriers for whomever may need them.  Our service teams stand ready to deliver and install these barriers throughout a wide part of Indiana.

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