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Showers, Glass Repairs, Screens, and more

Although we have multiple locations, NGH maintains a local presence at each location.  We feel that partnering with our local areas is key to strengthening our sustainability as a people Company.  Because of this, it is important to us to re-invest in each locality NGH is located in and to remain a great steward of the community.  
To achieve this goal, each NGH location is staffed and equipped to handle the small commercial needs such as fixing glass breakage at a fast food restaurant through small storefront projects.  Our local teams are constantly evolving our efficiencies to ensure NGH handles all immediate needs with the attention these deserve.  . 
Residential service is also an important role with building and maintaining our local community.  Each of our locations offers a “walk-in” service as well as “on-location” services.  This division of NGH caters to you small glass needs, window unit replacement, screens, mirrors and showers.

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