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Repairs, Churches, And Custom

As part of National Glass & Hardware’s growth, we have acquired Moss Glass in Anderson, Indiana which has a rich history in stained glass going back to 1946.  Throughout its 73-year history, Moss Glass has established itself as the standard bearers in stained glass restoration and design.  From aged or damaged stained-glass church windows to cherished antique glass pieces, our highly trained artisans can bring these items back to life. 
Offering one of the largest glass-designated sandblasting rooms in the country, Moss Glass is able to provide custom glass etching and design.  Our etching experience ranges from doors, mirror walls and cabinets for everything from small residential projects to the Vice-Presidential mansion in Washington. 
Housing over 7,000 square feet of various stained glass puts Moss Glass in the position to answer virtually any stained-glass request.  Additionally, Moss Glass has many vintage stained-glass panels for sale.

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