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Storefront, Curtainwall, Fire rated, Blast rated, Wind screens, Nanawall, Hospitals, Schools

National Glass & Hardware is a commercial glazing contractor that has experience in all size projects ranging from one day storefront through multi-million-dollar new build glazing jobs.  Some of our jobs include the new Johnson Memorial Hospital; the large window replacement project for Marion General Hospital; the Indygo Red Line and the Bottle Works Hotel and Garages. 
We have the experience and qualifications for school, hospital, church and re-development/historical projects.  Working with short timelines and demanding customers is our normal mode of operations.  Being able to remove obstacles, shore up General Contractor timelines and improve the over-all quality on each job is our commercial division’s focus. 
To aid in achieving our focus, we rely on strong Performance Partner/Supplier relationships that enable us to beat competitor delivery schedules and quality.  We understand the nature of commercial construction is the constantly changing job requirements and that handling these in the most efficient manner is key to a successful job.  
NGH is continuously evaluating General Contractors to partner with.  If you are a General Contractor interested in working with a reliable glazing contractor please contact us.

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